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System Description

l  Main mixing system

1.        A 1.6 ton stainless steel (SUS304) mixing &. Reaction tank.

2.        A high efficiency agitator with a 22kw Siemens motor &. A special designed shearing blades.

3.        An independent weighing units (3 TOLODO load cell, made in U.S.A.) for the mixing system. All feedings will be controlled by PLC and displayed by meters. Shearing and mixing time is monitored by PLC through timer.

4.        Production capacity reaches up to 1600kg /tank and 800-3200kg per hour.


l  Spray plating steel platform

1.        A strong and safe platform made of special steel with spray plating treatment.


l  2T starch silo made of carbon steel 

1.        Starch storage tank is made of carbon steel and devised with propelling transfer system. 1 materials level sensor and 2 vibrators are installed inside of the tank. When the level is lower than preset limitation, warning light will be activated to remind the operator immediately.

2.        The coated carbon steel tank capability is about 2 tons /4.8m3.

3.        One screw propeller is delivering starch to the storage tank and then other is from the storage to the main mixing tank.


l  Auto on-line viscosity testing system

1.        Siemens on-line viscosity testing meter in the mixing tank


l  Electrical /Software control system

1.      One main control cabinet.

2.      An exported Siemens S7-300 PLC (made in Germany).

3.      All motors are under the over-load protection circuitry.

4.      A 10.4 Siemens HMI (Human machine interface, made in Germany).

5.      AIRTAC solenoid valves (made in Taiwan).

6.      Germany GEMU pneumatic valves.

7.      The simply &. Friendly software control for the starch modifying mixing process and formula selection&. Adjustment (protected with 3-level password protection).

8.      The important electrical components are Schneider brand (made in Germany).

9. Electrical control Cabinet has the constant temperature air conditioner which ensures its stability and liability.

10.  PLC chooses formulation according to different glue storage tank. It is equipped with both English and Chinese interface or any local language if the translation is provided. It has formulation memory and process control records.

11.  The glue production process is fully controlled by HMI with automatization and the glue is automatically sent to storage tanks after finishing one batch.


l  Auto borax feeding system

1.        A stainless steel borax storage tank (SUS304) with anti-bridging device.

2.        A carbon steel screw conveyor.

3.        An independent weighing system (3 TOLODO load cell, made in U.S.A.) for borax feeding.


l  Auto steam heating and temperature control system

1.        A temperature controller with pneumatic valves to control the steam usage.


l  Auto mixing tank spray washing system

1.        Auto water supply is including the clean water and after washing water.

2.        An auto spraying washing device is located inside of the main mixing tank. This part is programmed with automatic washing procedure. After finished one batch, it will spray wash the mixing tank. Manual flush is also available.

3.        Auto switch function of water source can be set in the HMI.

4.        The washing water also can be recycled for making the glue.


l  Glue delivery system

1.        One 2 inch pneumatic diagram pumpSANDPIPER, made in U.S.A.) is used for starch glue delivery from the mixing tank to the glue storage tanks located in the corrugators. And other 2 inch pneumatic diagram pump is equipped as a replacement for some urgent pump defect or damage in order to guarantee the whole normal production work.

2.        Starch glue kitchen is able to delivery glue separately to either the S/F glue storage tank or D/F tank.

l  Auto liquid chemical additive feeding system

1.        One 1 inch pneumatic diagram pump (Versa-Matic, made in U.S.A.) is for the liquid chemical feeding.

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