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1¡¢Main Motor adopts special shearing blade£¬and propelling agitator. Main tank is made of Stainless Steel.

2¡¢This machine is devised with two sets of weigh Sensor System, (which include six sensors). All feedings will be controlled by PLC and displayed by meter.

3¡¢Shearing and mixing time is monitored by PLC through timer.

4¡¢This machine has Caustic Dissolving System. The caustic dissolving tank is made of Stainless Steel. The system is devised with agitating unit. Caustic storage tank, transfer tank, 2 caustic pumps and pipes are made of stainless steel. Caustic is stored in storage tank after it became liquid. Level in transfer tank is controlled by PLC. When the level is lower than preset limits, caustic will be automatically refilled from storage tank through a pump.

5¡¢This machine is equipped with Borax storage tank and Propeller. The Borax storage tank with trapezoid shape is made of Stainless Steel. Helix propeller inside of the tank assures the slow but constant speed during feeding borax.

6¡¢Starch storage tank is made of carbon steel and devised with propelling transfer system. 2 level sensors and 2 vibrators are installed inside of the tank. When the level is lower than preset limits, alarm will be activated to remind personnel to refill.

7. The system has temperature sensor and display. Heating is controlled by PLC.

8. Each glue storage tank is installed with level sensor and agitating unit.

9. Main components (glue delivering pump, pneumatic control valves, electrical components) are imported from international famous companies, so the performance and reliability of the equipment are guaranteed.

10. Main parts (pipe, main roll, shearing and propelling mixing blades, etc.) are made of stainless steel to assure the equipment¡¯s long use life.

11. Electrical control Cabinet has the constant temperature air conditioner which ensures its stability and liability.

12. PLC chooses formulation according to different glue storage tank. It is equipped with both English and Chinese interface or any local language if the translation is provided. It has formulation memory and process control records.

13. It is devised with Siemens S7-200 PLC and AIRTAC pneumatic joint parts.

14. The production process is fully controlled by computer with automatization, and after finishing one batch, the glue is automatically sent to storage tanks. B. Main


1. The machine do not use additives, however, it guarantees better penetrability and stabilization of glue. During glue production process, agitating is more intense because of the high-speed sheering system. The saw-teeth blades can destroy the starch molecular directly to make the starch granular much smaller, the secondary starch molecular surrounding those carrier starch can penetrate into paper more easily, and it can catch the fiber of paper when gelatinization. Besides, traditional propelling agitating blades are designed to guarantee the intensity and uniformity of agitation to ensure the stabilization of glue.

2. All system is controlled by program, which is devised and developed according to actual needs of different corrugated board factories.

£¨1£©Material is measured and added automatically. All feedings are set through program, controlled by PLC and measured precisely. The quality of glue enjoys excellent steadiness comparing to traditional glue making process as a result of human factor.

£¨2£©Temperature is under control. The glue temperature can be controlled by Temperature Sensor and Temperature Display to maintain the glue quality against changeable surrounding temperature and assure starch melt in water easily.

£¨3£©This machine is programmed with automatic wash tanks procedure. After finished one batch, it will flush main tank with water. Manual flush is also available.

£¨4£©Glue storage tank is equipped with level sensor. If the level is lower than limits, PLC will automatically select the correct formulation and reproduce.

£¨5£©Time of shearing and agitating will be controlled by PLC.

£¨6£©Alarm functions are available in case of starch lacking, caustic lacking ,feed breakdown, over heat ,system breakdown and so on.

3¡¢ Production capacity reaches up to 3200-3700kg per hour. Compared to the traditional equipment, it needs shorter production time and meet high-speed corrugator line.

4¡¢ Imported diaphragm Pump enjoys high efficiency and low air consumption.

5¡¢The machine can work under either manual and auto mode.

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